DAMIAN is well-positioned to be the industry leader in aldosterone-dependent conditions, with a first-in-class targeted drug and diagnostic therapy for Primary Aldosteronism. DAMIAN is a privately-held Swiss pharmaceutical company led by 3 industry veterans who apply their complementary expertise to deliver therapeutic solutions for aldosterone-dependent conditions. 

DAMIAN Assets: DP13 & DP14

Primary Aldosterone (PA) is an endocrine disorder with known cause and known negative outcomes, but no targeted therapy. 

DP13, a first-in-class investigational medicine from DAMIAN, directly inhibits aldosterone synthase, the cause of the hormonal imbalance in PA. Following the successful completion of a Phase I study in healthy volunteers, DP13 is currently in a Phase II study evaluating safety and efficacy in patients with PA. 

DP13 has the potential to medically control PA and to provide a cost-effective alternative to surgical intervention. The complementary diagnostic tracer, DP14, is in the research phase of development.

The difficulty with an idea in Pharma is to ensure that the translation of the idea in 10-years’ time is still valid and beneficial to society.

Christoph Schumacher
Founder, Chairman and CEO

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  • 2020

    DAMIAN initiates Phase II study of DP13 

    DAMIAN enrolls the first patients in its multinational Phase II study of DP13 in patients with Primary Aldosteronism (NCT04007406; EUDRACT# 2019-000919-85).

  • DAMIAN conducts Phase I study of DP13 

    DAMIAN executes its Phase I proof-of-concept, double-blind, safety and tolerability study of DP13 in healthy volunteers (NCT03046589). The Phase I study successfully completed in September 2018.

  • Pre-Investigational New Drug (IND) meeting with FDA

    The full clinical development plan for DP13 in Primary Aldosteronism was discussed with FDA in a Pre-IND meeting, including advice on Phase III design and registration endpoints. 

  • DAMIAN receives grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation

    The Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) awarded DAMIAN with a grant to support the DP14 diagnostic tracer project. The Commission promotes science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland. Funding allocation is based on competitive applications and allows small companies the ability to work with research partners to test and develop their ideas.

  • DAMIAN clinical plan affirmed by the Foundation for Therapeutic Research

    The Lausanne-based Foundation for Therapeutic Research awards a grant for the development of new therapeutic principles in cardiovascular disease to the University of Torino to investigate DP13. The grant supports the Phase I clinical trial of DP13, the first-in-class aldosterone synthase inhibitor from DAMIAN.

  • 2015

    DAMIAN incorporated in Switzerland

    In 2015, DAMIAN was incorporated in Zug, Switzerland with the goal to deliver a targeted medicine to patients with Primary Aldosteronism. Subsequently, the mission of DAMIAN was expanded to find treatment solutions for aldosterone-dependent conditions, wherever they exist.