At DAMIAN, we believe that the true value of an idea lies in its real-world implementation.

Our singular pursuit is to find therapeutic solutions for patients, matching distinct drug pharmacologies to well-characterized disease pathways. Putting compassion into action, DAMIAN is on a purposeful expedition to bring first-of-a-kind solutions for patients with aldosterone-dependent conditions.

Benevolence is real when you create harmony between intent and action


DAMIAN is a privately-held pharmaceutical company incorporated in Switzerland in 2015. Led by 3 industry veterans with 75+ years of experience developing innovative life-saving drugs, DAMIAN executes its projects with the support of leading disease experts, clinical advisors, and established contract manufacturing and research organizations across the globe. We apply our deep expertise to our first indication, Primary Aldosteronism, which has a well-explained causality and a direct therapeutic target. DAMIAN is creating new solutions through our targeted drug, dexfadrostat phosphate (DP13), and diagnostic tracer, DP14.

Our Treatment Approach

Primary Aldosteronism (PA) is a rare endocrine disorder with a known cause and known long-term consequences, but no targeted therapy. Aldosterone is a critical component of a hormonal system that maintains blood flow to vital organs by controlling water and electrolyte balance. In patients with PA, that system is no longer in harmony. 

With our innovative targeted drug and diagnostic tracer, dexfadrostat phosphate (DP13) and DP14, we aim to restore the natural harmony to this extraordinary system in the body.

Investor Information

DAMIAN is well-positioned to be the industry leader in aldosterone-dependent conditions. Our novel investigational product, dexfadrostat phosphate (DP13), was evaluated in a recently published Phase II study following the successful completion of Phase I, establishing this first-in-class approach as a targeted therapy for patients with Primary Aldosteronism (PA). Together with our DP14 PET diagnostic for aldosterone-producing adenomas, dexfadrostat phosphate therapy has the potential to medically control PA and to provide a cost-effective alternative to surgical intervention.

News & Releases

Check here for the latest information on DAMIAN and its first target, Primary Aldosteronism.